Some of the popular Indian Wedding,Event and Pre-wedding Photography and Videography Trends

Every couple’s wedding is a crucial moment of their lives. Every couple wishes to record their wedding in the finest possible light in order to make the memories last a lifetime. As a result, every couple wants to photograph their wedding in the latest fashion so that they can share it on social media. In this article, we’ll go through the best pre wedding or wedding photography trends for the coming years.

Look and shoot like a movie

The picture shoot might be done in a filmy style, as the word implies. The use of a film photographer to capture the photoshoot is very popular at high class weddings, but it is more expensive. Filmy photos are light and a little hazy, and you’ll need to do a little acting to make them look that way.

Shooting the Proposal 

In terms of suggestions, being private is a thing of the past. Proposals are becoming more and more imaginative by the day, and everyone wants a memento! Couples, or rather grooms, are employing candid pre wedding or wedding photographers to capture their proposals so that the couple can relive the amazing but fleeting moment afterwards and share it with friends and family. It’s wonderful to be a part of their love journey from the beginning as the Best Event Photographers.

Candid Photography

This is most likely the most powerful and best form of wedding photos that you can be proud of. Best Photographers inAhmedabad who specialise in candid weddings, often known as photojournalists, are exceptionally skilled. With their camera, they have incredible skill.They don’t create moments; instead, they wait for them to come to them naturally. They have a strong subservient mindset that allows them to compel others to cooperate with them. They are India’s torchbearers for creative wedding photography, since their position is similar to that of a creator who creates the ideal moments.JP Photography is one of the best Wedding Photographers in Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

The Palatial Pre-Wedding videography

This pre-weddingvideography is everything royal, capturing the majestic splendour of the Suryagarh Palace in Jaisalmer. The palace is the ideal setting for this video, which depicts the couple’s blossoming love. The video’s subtlety and slow-motion moments make it even more dreamy and surreal for the viewer.You can choose Pre Wedding shoot locations in Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

Wedding photography from a drone

Drone shoots are extremely popular. The wedding photographer may get a beautiful shot of any location using the drone. Drone pre wedding photography videography is also becoming increasingly popular. People are already paying drone photographers to photograph their weddings. Drone weddings are becoming increasingly popular in India.